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Who's Who in John's Life


First Name: Bocephus
Nicknames: Boser
Age: 21
Brothers: Mike, Clayton, Dexton, Eric
Sisters: Ashley (Though not officially related yet)
Pets: Unknown
Favorite Color: Unknown
Favorite Food: Unknown
Hobbies: Playing the Guitar
Goal in Life: Unknown
Web Page: None
Where I know Bocephus from:
I met Bo when I started attending Heritage Christian School, East Campus in grade 10. As I recall, our first real meeting was when we both discovered that we wanted to join the worship team as players of instruments. His specialty, of course, was the guitar, and I was hoping to learn to play the drums. Over the years we became great friends, taking off on weekends for sporaddic camping trips to the middle of nowhere during the dead of winter for no real reason other than to see if we could survive. We had a band throughout our time in high school, recording songs (both seriously and for fun) and even had an appearance on the A-Channel in Calgary to play a song. We recorded a CD at one point, and had a blast every step of the way, but once we were out of high school it became more and more difficult to find time to play. Currently Bo lives both in Calgary at his Dad's house and in Lethbridge in a place he and his brother Clayton rent. After taking two years at Lethbridge Community College, he joined the Canadian Armed Forces. Working part time there and part time as an electrician for his father, I don't get to see him much anymore. I'm still trying to get him out to the lake though, he's only been there once, and that was a few weeks before I bought my Seadoo.

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