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My Personal Art Gallery


During my grade 12 year, in Art we were supposed to make 30 sketches over the course of the semmester. Now, I never quite did that, but the sketches that I did do usually took a little longer. Now most of these sketches you'll find there's a story behind them, and I will try to explain briefly below each one.

This was basically my point of view from where I sat the day I sketched it. What you are seeing is half the art room, with Royce's desk in the far back-right corner.

Lacking an idea for the sketch, I simply drew a few objects that were sitting on my counter.

This particular sketch could be just as adequately placed on the camping page, what happened here was that being bored and mischevious we decided to cut down a tree. So we found this huge tree and proceeded to hack away at it. This killed almost 2 hours and when it finally came down, it did so in a bit of an unpredicted fashion; it shattered in the air into three logs of about 14 feet long each and nearly killed all of us as we literaly dove for cover. But it was quite funny afterwards and makes for a good sketch and an even better story.

Need I say more?

This picture incorporates all of the elements from the best parties I've ever been to: Music, a Trampoline, Firepit, and Hot Tub. All that is missing is you! ;)

This is the trampoline at my friend Becky's house where I have spent many a happy hour practicing my trampoline skills and talking with her.

Now this little image has quite a story to it. I sketched this a long time before the Art semmester ever started, because it represents one of the best times in my life.

When it was time to do our table paintings, the grade 12 class was given the privlidge of adding our own permanent mark to the artroom by painting (pretty much) whatever we wanted on one of the tables. My decision was pretty easy to make.

To the girl on the bike, and you know who you are, I miss you. Drop by sometime if you can. I'de love to hear from you again.

This was the cover I drew for the first mix tape I did all by myself. It wasn't very good so I used the name (because I really liked it) for my first full-length mix CD, which can be downloaded from the Music page.