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History of Cube Incorporated

The story actually starts about 10 years ago when I was operating using a Commodore 64. I had a 300 baud modem, and was connecting to local Bulletin Board Systems, more commonly known as BBSes. Icecube, the owner of the Donut Shop BBS was selling his 1200 baud modem, which at the time and on a 64 was incredible. When they first came out, the 1200s sold for $200! He was selling this one for $15, and since he was leaving the scene, I thought I would adopt part of his alias. I became Cube, which then became Cube Inc. As I got older, and more into music, my friend Dana and I started mixing some tapes, and so of course our codenames were, "Cube" and "Lynkavech", groupname The "DJ"s, for Dana and John. It was quite clever, and so it stuck. I went on to buy more and more high-power sound equipment and turned my investment into a sort of company, "Cube Incorporated". I did the sound/music at pep rallies at my school, various church functions, and worked with one local band whose name I can't even pronounce, never mind spell. Nowadays, all over chat and everywhere else an alias is required, I just use Cube or Cube_Inc.

I used to have the head of my bed in the bottom of an 18" Bass Bin. Nobody had to sing ME to sleep...
(Every night I rock myself to sleep...)

We often used our sound system at Pep Rallies, church functions, and grad parties. Here I am standing amid some of my speakers just before one such party.

In more recent times, I've used the name on everything from invoices to mixes. The web site you are presently viewing bears its name, and any programs I've written, songs I've mixed, and pictures I've drawn in the past 7 years or so is Copyrighted by Cube Incorporated. Below is an incomplete list of accomplishments:

  • - Online hotel reservation booking site
  • Who's Who - Online database of people
  • PictureENGine - My new photo album
  • Pray4Me Prayer Request Web Site - - Share your requests and pray for others
  • CMUS Music Database - - Web Based FTP interface
  • SLS Customer Database - Text / Picture database for lighting systems of SLS customers
  • Digital Dreams - Full Length Mix CD
  • Par-T Mix - Full Length Mix CD
  • Dreams - Full Length Mix CD
  • - Web Site