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Who's Who in John's Life


First Name: BJ
Nicknames: Cute Puppy, Silly Puppy, Sir Wiesel
Age: 11
Brothers: Duke, Lucky, and several others I can't remember now.
Sisters: I believe there were some but they were given away to other families
Pets: None that we know of
Favorite Color: BJ can't see colors.
Favorite Food: Milk Bones and Cheese Strings
Hobbies: Sleeping, playing with his food, going for walks, being scratched
Goal in Life: To be content wherever he is
Web Page: None
Where I know BJ from:
I remember the day my dad came home and asked us if we wanted a puppy. Our next door neighbour's dog was having a litter and they wanted to know if we wanted one of the pups when they were born. I was in grade 6 at the time, my brother in grade 4, and we were ecstatic! I remember waiting patiently for the day they'de be born, and when it came we used to go next door and play with these puppies, ever so tiny. They were too little to be taken away from their mother yet, but after a few weeks we brought BJ home. We named him BJ after my brother and me, (Blair John) and I'll never forget that first night we had him. The poor thing was so lonely for his mother he cried all night. We'd made him a nice cardboard house, put a basket in there with soft pillows and blankets, and kept him there in the kitchen for the first few weeks until he was puppy-trained. I remember Lorina and I used to have competitions to see who could call the dog, who at that time of course didn't know his name. The only way we could call him was to pound on the floor and usually whoever pounded the hardest would be the one he went to, but Lorina had several weeks more for him to get acquainted with, and sometimes she won on pure favoritism. Since then we've been through a lot with BJ, he's run away a couple of times, making us worried sick not knowing if he was allright or where he'd gone. He's always come back though. He's been the baby of the family since we got him, and has brought more joy and happiness to that house than would have been possible without him. He is such a cute puppy.

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