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Journal Entries for December 2017
October 20, 2017 9:52 PM

Semi-annual Update

Happy Birthday To Me

This year our extended family on my Dad's side celebrated Thanksgiving &am; a couple of birthdays at the Old Spagetti Factory.

Going for a walk in the fall

My sister-in-law just bought a house in Midnapore, the back yard of which backs onto Fish Creek park. It is simply spectacular, and so for Thanksgiving we went for a family walk together through the park. While a first for [this] family, it brought back many memories of family walks through Three Hills at Christmas time with Grandma and Grandpa. Has it really been that long?

The rain is coming down in sheets this evening and the quiet of a house full of sleepies is only occasionally perforated by the sound of rain pelting the siding of the house. As I left Winsport this evening I thought to myself that it could very well snow tonight — the air had that smell to it; thick, heavy, damp, and cold.

On one particular day we rode our bikes through this wetland near our house, that has this long wooden walkway that is really fun to bike along. As you might imagine, it is quite beautiful, and there are many places along which to stop and pose for pictures.

Kristi initially ventured out into this field to take a picture of the rest of us sticking our heads through the windblock, but she looked so cute out in the field that I ended up taking some pictures of her instead. When we looked at them, the kids all wanted to get their pictures taken in the field as well.

You can see the path getting more and more trampled with each successive subject.

One thing I love doing is taking over-the-shoulder selfie videos while we ride our bikes. One day I know I am totally going to crash, which will be caught on camera, but in the mean time it is still pretty fun.

My wee lad has really been making strides in his biking skills. One afternoon we spent the whole day trying to learn him how to wheelie. He has the basic concept down, but needs a little more practice still.

Alright, so if you can guess (or you know) where this picture was taken, then you can also guess (or you know) where Kristi and I went for our 8th anniversary. These streetlights are another Canadian city's version of public art, though I must admit I like theirs much better than our big blue rings and rocks on sticks. These streetlights, or so say the plaques describing them, were to immitate some of the human behavior observed by the artists near the site where they were taken - specifically one guy who had passed out and the other, a friend, who was expressing great concern about the fallen.

And yes, the streetlights work.

This picture was taken along the shore line of one of the more famous spots within this Maritime province, a small fishing town that has largely remained unchanged in over a hundred years!

If you doubt me, take a look at an older $100 bill, and look at the picture depicted on the back of it. Then look at the picture above and see if you don't see some similarities. Keep in mind that the $100 bill was minted in 1979 and therefore the picture (or scene) depicted was even older than that. I don't remember the date our tour guide said the original picture was taken in, but I believe it was around the 1940's.

If you don't know by now, this here -- the most photograhed lighthouse in the world, which I photographed, might give you a clue. Without doubt it is iconic, and no less spectacular when shared with the contents of FIVE cruise ships which had all pulled into dock the same day we went to visit Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia.

I was glad to see that our city's practice of writing the alarm code on the wall beside the alarm system keypad is not isolated to our city alone, but has now been witnessed at a public bathroom facility in Lunenburg, NS as well. In case you ever find this site or this building, you now know how to disarm the intrusion alarm, proving something about horses and water...

It was another good year for grass, thanks mostly to our underground sprinkler system.

The field adjacent to our house also has a sprinkler system that is never turned on - and so the field grass dies about May. Each year I put up two sprinklers on the fence, and the effect is remarkable.

The simple difference the water makes is even more accentuated when you note the spot where the water is blocked by the branches of the tree, and there is a wedge-shaped dry spot directly behind it. You can also see that the water from these sprinklers is not uniformly distributed - they water near and far quite well, but there is a range between the near and far that does not get as much precipitation. These are some of the things that I muse about.

Bring on winter...

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