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Journal Entries for November 2016
August 23, 2015 10:54 AM

Pitter Patter
Beauty in a Dreary Day

This is the new desktop background on one of my computers; it captures many senses that this old sentimental fool loves to relish: A sense of cold with the rain beating down on the fence and the tree. A sense of warmth from the soft glow of the light out of focus. A sense of changing seasons by the colors, and a sense of endurance by the weathered look of the fence.

A lot has happened this summer, far too much to capture now in retrospect but I can certainly spare a few moments to pen a couple of the highlights.

November 16, 2016 10:40 AM
While putting some files for work up on a different web server, I paused a few moments to look through the sadly neglected heap of files that comprises this web page. I came across this un-posted and un-finished entry, and felt I just had to write something.

I've got nearly three weeks of vacation to take before the year's end, which will likely amount to having at least half of December off and probably some time into January. Perhpas then I will take some time to fill in a few of the blanks. So much has happened, hundreds of gigabytes of pictures and video have been captured and stored since last this page was updated, and yet - time marches steadily onward and the front-facing page remains fixed in time. The kids are growing up at an astonishing rate, all are in full time school now and my oldest is already pining for her learner's license. Metal Minds is building Venturii circuit boards, and this year will mark my tenth working at Convergint.
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