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Journal Entries for January 2015
January 30, 2015 8:19 PM

Let Me Explain

... There is too much. Let me sum up.

Goof's Goofs

I know what you're wondering... Will there be an update in January? The answer is YES! Twenty Fifteen is here and we've hit the ground running. What a nice week this has been, with highs nearing twenty during the day and some nights that stayed above freezing. I know it's only January, but this warm weather has already sparked some thoughts of the coming spring and summer months. Last night we registered for a third year of Family Camp, and we are toying with the idea of going for two weeks this year. The kids are growing up fast, why just the other night I had opened a stack of mail, sorted it into piles and from the smallest member of our family spoken to her mother standing nearby I heard the words, "Daddy entrusted me with this pile of mail." That's pretty good vocabulary for a four-year-old if ever such has reached my ears.

An amaging sunrise

Christmas, though quiet and relaxing, came and went in what now recalls to memory as a bit of a flash. This year marked the first Christmas celebrated with no living grandparents on my side of the family, though they were lovingly remembered with games of "Inlaw Trivia" and "Grandparent Pictionary" at the extended family gathering. November was also a full month; Kristi and I had one of our junior high school teachers and his family over for dinner, both the most significant high school teacher I had and one of the few people who taught both Kristi and I the year we met in grade 9. November was also rounded out by a small garage fire and a blown out tire on the same day, a work trip to Fort McMurry, Christmas parties and candlelit evenings. Never a dull moment around here!

Raspberries Are Finger Food

Lastly, I wanted to comment on this little project seen above. The circuit board at the bottom is the first (of hopefully many) that I engineered, laid out, soldered together and then wrote firmware for. It controls banks of relays which in turn control pairs of speakers installed throughout the house, allowing music to fill our home in it's entirety or limiting its' enjoyment to one area only. While there are many products out there that could do this same task, I wanted to experience this process for myself, and there is truly a unique perspective having done-it-myself. Alright, enough of a break, it's back to work for me. See you in February!

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