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Journal Entries for April 2014
April 18, 2014 11:54 PM

January, 2014

I received another complaint the other day about the lack of updates of this web site. Considering it is now Easter and I have not yet posted anything of substance for 2014, I have to agree — it has been too long. I would accomplish all things if not for the requirement of time, a point I've made countless times before so I shall not belabour it again here. Instead, let's jump right into this year so far...

As usual, these pictures are not really in any particular order. The girls had piano lessons one morning so I brought the other two to the park where we played.


Blanket fort in the living room. Did anyone else make these when they were little? While living with Bo I remember one time getting very sick, so sick in fact that my bed was too far from the bathroom in case of emergency. I decided to sleep on the couch in my living room, a few quick steps or a short crawl from the bathroom. However, being quite feverish blankets were not conducive, so I did the most reasonable and logical thing in such a circumstance: I made a fort. For several nights, I lived in my fort on the couch. While on the mend, one of my friends from Shaw — Kris — came over and I had forgotten how strange a sight my sleeping arrangements must appear to [anyone else.] Pausing for a moment, Kris inquired, "Dude - is that a fort?" I was a little embarassed, but he quickly replied, "Oh man, if I lived alone I would make forts all the time!" Now I get to do it vicariously through my children, and a wicked flu is no longer required for justification. (Though to be fair, they built this particular one on their own!)

I was working down in Lethbridge a few days and so of course, stopped in at the Clarseholm 7-Eleven for a Chicken Kebob. They're still as good as ever...

A company called Noritake was offering free samples of their Vacuum Fluorescent Displays. A fan of such things from a very young age, I jumped, of course, at the opportunity. No doubt this little gem will find itself into one of the many projects I've got on the go, or perhaps one of the products my company is developing.

While walking around one of the ponds near my house one night, I could not help but notice the beauty of the evening's light on the frozen waters. Some ambitious youngsters had carved out an ice rink thereupon, and this particular night the moon was shining brightly. This picture was taken in the dark, using a long exposure setting and high sensitivity (ISO) - then corrected for White Balance. Beautiful.

February, 2014

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