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Journal Entries for July 2012
July 17, 2012 6:33 AM

Good, Clean, Wholesome Entertainment

The Wonder of Washing - Children after my own heart.

What do you watch when you have no TV? Tumbling clothes in the washing machine! Truth be told, I myself have sat and watched the endless tumbling action of a front load washing machine many times. Needless to day, it warmed my heart to see not one but both of my little ones fascinated by the same.

In the Blink of an Eye...

I had a few moments this morning while waiting for a computer to compute. For some reason today I felt like writing; I've all but forgotton what it was like in fact. Yes I know time flies; I see it every day. Weeks race past with a blurring pace. We renewed our Zoo passes the other day and although just yesterday, I thought, I'd bought my last Zoo pass, it turns out that was 2008.

There is so much to recap; there is the twins' first visit to the zoo (and therefore, first experience with live animals,) the adventures of our semi-automatic cat spraying device versus a neighbourhood cat determined to eat the whole family of birds that have made a nest in our soffit, the girls' endless creativity and summer projects, dawning realizations of introspective exploration and the most recent child-induced damage to our house. The twins' vocabulary is ever-increasing, as is their repertoire of songs. There are thousands of pictures and accompanying stories - all but for a perpetual lack of time.

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