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Journal Entries for April 2012
April 14, 2012 9:17 PM

One Small Step...

Today is a noteworthy day. Not for the weather, although it did snow enough to cover the ground and then melt & dry to bare pavement within a matter of hours this morning. Today is a day that all parents will celebrate with me: Today is the first day my littlest child went poop on the toilet!

Now before I get ahead of myself, she is by no means toilet trained. This small accomplishment is but the first of many attempts, successful and messy that the future shall undoubtedly hold at obtaining the goal of complete diaper independance. However, this is a day that has also come much sooner than I had ever expected. We go now to the kitchen where I was gathering up the soiled dishes from the evening meal. The little ones have taken to helping load and unload the dishwasher, so my daughter was with me in the kitchen, taking bowls and cutlery from my hands and placing them into the dishwasher. All of a sudden she started pointing to her bum and saying "Pee. Pee." I knelt down and asked, "Do you need to go pee?" She continued with the gesture so I whisked her into the bathroom, removed her diaper and plopped her onto her toilet seat bum adapter. (Toddler bums are not entirely compatible with standard toilet seats so an adapter is required to accomodate the difference in size.) This exercise has been repeated several times in the last week since Grandma bought the toilet seat adapters for them. So far, it's merely been a practice in familiarizing the twins with the process of sitting on the toilet, but with no tangible results thus far. Although optimistic each time, we really haven't had our hopes up and such was the case today until from beneath the small one sitting poised upon the porcelain the sound of a plop did reach my ears. I was ecstatic! The feeling was fleeting however as my joy evaporated into panic at the realization that I have NO IDEA what to do now! I managed a few awkward wipes with toilet paper while holding the wee one strategically with my other arm. Once I let her down, she peered into the bowl to admire her accomplishment, and then promptly flushed the toilet like she'd done it a thousand times. I couldn't have been more proud.
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