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Journal Entries for July 2010
July 5, 2010 - 02:28 AM
A New Day Dawns
Before the old day ends

I have seen more sunrises and sunsets within the same waking period than I ever thought I cared to. Today was the original due date of the babies had they been one and had he or she gone to full term. Considering he's already over nine pounds and she's close behind approaching 8, I can only imagine what Kristi would be looking like with both their masses still within. They're growing like weeds, and fast filling with baby fat. He's already up one diaper size although she's been taking the leading role in the feedings these last couple of days. It is quite the process, waking, changing, feeding, burping, cleaning, putting down, waking, changing, feeding, burping, cleaning, putting down, and then after what has become precious few moments of rest - starting the process anew. I'm definitely tired, but I think we're all starting to get the hang of this new schedule. I am also convinced that the part of the brain that causes things to be remembered is severely attenuated if not turned off entirely during this stage. This is by design, because I think if parents could actually remember all that is the experience of the first few months of life, we'd have all been only children!

Discovering Electricity

One of the perks of the odd sleeping / waking hours this weekend was a chance to spend some time with my oldest daughter, who had some questions about electricity. I must admit I feel a surge of fatherly pride whenever one of the girls asks a question about electricity, or the other day Boo pointed out a burnt out light in the house. That's my girl! I thought as I choked back a tear. I don't know if I wrote about it but last year for my birthday they got me a set of screwdrivers and a package of light bulbs. These are a few of my favorite things... But anyway, I broke out my Illuma Storm to demonstrate some of the beauty of electricity. And while I've often thought this ball of ever-changing electrical patterns lacked sufficient description, Miss Pie supplied a surprisingly descriptive explanation for what she saw: It was like a thousand tiny purple fingers cleaning the glass. Can you think of a better way to describe it?

The Illuma Storm

Baby News
Taking after their father
Babies going bald

So it would seem I've cursed both my children with my hairline... I can't believe how bald they're getting already, though I've been told this is normal. Funny, nobody told me that when my hair started falling out... sigh.

Patriotic Babies wearing Canada Day outfits

The other day, Christine - one of our neighbours - brought by a pair of Canada Day outfits for the twins to wear. So what did they don for Canada Day? Some very patriotic onesies, of course!

Canada day babies

Reaching for the camera

Babies enjoying tummy time

Babies enjoying tummy time

Heads up!

I did not notice this at first, but doesn't that look like he's got a sideways comb-over? Good thing the hair gene comes from the mother's side. While Kristi was still pregnant she told me We know that I can make good babies, so if these ones are duds we know where the problem lies... No pressure... I can't believe how strong they're getting already, and almost able to roll right over from their backs onto their tummies! Not bad, considering today was the day they were supposed to be born!

More Tummy Time

Way to lift your head!

Creativity Strike at Odd Times
Some pictures I've taken of every-day objects
Field Grass

Wood grain of a fence post


In Australia they call these Electrici-trees.

Getting Away For The Day
Escaping the Estrogen
Kristi and her mom threw a baby shower for the twins yesterday, and as these are traditionally not widely attended by men I decided to take the opportunity to go to a lake. I would like to thank everyone who came over though. The house was thoroughly filled with presents and bags. Kristi's sister Nicole made some great name banners for the twins, and I know it was good for Kristi to have some adult company apart from her mom and I. We really appreciate all the support everyone has been giving us. Keep up the good work.

Originally I was supposed to meet up with Bo who was bringing his boat, but by the time I was stopping for chicken kebob's at the 7-Eleven in Claresholm he phoned to say that it was too choppy to even launch the boat and that they were going to carry on down to Lethbridge instead. Not wanting to waste this precious opportunity to get out of the house, I ate my kebobs and went out to the lake anyways. There was not a soul around, no other boats, not even any other vehicles. I didn't see another soul the whole afternoon apart from other cars on the road. And while it was windy by the water, it was still quite pleasantly warm and so I wandered about and took some pictures. Then, after my fatigue caught up with me, I curled up in the back of Rusty and drifted off to sleep, lulled by the sounds of the water lapping against the shore and the wind gently rocking Rusty (and me inside) to sleep.

7-Eleven Chicken Kebob

My feet in the waters of Lake Keho

My feet dipped in the waters of Lake Keho.

Rocks and Water

Just Water

Rusty by a firepit

You know, I've said it before but I'll say it again: Rusty is a great van. Sure he isn't much to look at, but when you consider how many other vehicles have come and gone, even now in the face of the transmission troubles in our other van, he's sure hauled me through the last decade well. I've thought about getting rid of him from time to time, but every time the thought comes up he ends up proving useful yet again.

Rusty on the bank

Rusty ready to pounce

This picture makes me laugh. Imagine he's a big red dog. Can you see it? Doesn't it look like he's crouching down, ready to pounce into the water or to fetch a stick? He's a good wee van.

Rusty's Console

Seagull over troubled waters

A seagull flies over troubled water.

Riding mower for sale

If anyone needs a Craftsman riding mower, I came across this one in a field for $75.00. Tempting, isn't it?

Grass in water

Sneaky Rusty

Rusty doesn't hide in grass very well...

Prairie Sky

Wheat field with a silo

Prairie View

What a beautiful province we live in. I thoroughly enjoyed getting out into the country. It's good for one's perspective.

July 18, 2010 - 5:39 PM
Goofing Around
Life around home

Barb and Ed came over for a lovely, albeit short, visit on Saturday, where they got to meet the babies. They too are due to become grandparents as they await the arrival of their first grandson! Everyone's having babies it seems.

Blair and Alissa came over this afternoon for their introductory visit. Kristi and I are secretly taking bets on the number of weeks before an announcement is made from their camp... My money is on 7.

Stampede Bar-B-Q
Convergint style
Friday afternoon Convergint held a Stampede Bar-B-Q slash Mini-Annual General Meeting. I was asked to take pictures, and here are a few in no particular order.

Everybody lean left...

Doesn't it look like someone snatched away the hay from their mouths *just* before this picture was taken?

Duke Nukem showed up at our Bar-B-Q.

Who wants a hot dog?

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