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Journal Entries for October 2008
Would it be so hard???
One of my all time pet peeves surfaces
I was browsing through one of the local dailies the other day and noticed a number of large sized advertisments for cellular phone services. Each one of them toted incredible low rates, but in all three cases, there was fine print or a hook to some fine print below, where each of them claimed extra fees apply.

Would it be so hard to simply advertise the actual cost of these products or services? It's misleading. I'd say it's almost false advertising except that they have undoubtedly included those subtle references to extra charges to cover their corporate behinds from frustrated consumers like myself raising a riot against their looks better than it is approach to try to snare customers into their contracts and sticky service charge nets. Just put the full price on the ad. Here is what it will cost you to use this phone every month. All in, taxes included, no surprises. It might be a shock to consumers to see what they're actually paying but I'm sure they would rather see it up front before they make the decision than after the fact on their bill. I know I would...

By contrast, here is a sign that reeks of truth. It was posted on the wall in the utility cooridor at the airport and pointed towards a room known by and large to be a source of foul odors. It was taken down a few days later, maybe the truth was too blunt. But then again, this comes back to another rant I have - why can't people accept the truth? That room stinks. It stinks up the whole hallway. Anyone walking by there can smell it, nobody can hide it, yet put a sign up and it gets taken down almost immediately thereafter.

The girls and I went for a bike ride a few days ago before the good Lord turned the thermostat down, a long awaited journey to the park on both their bikes. The training wheels didn't quite fit properly, so Kristi and I had to improvise them a little to get them to work. The girls were thrilled though, and we played in the park for a good hour or so.

Fall 2008
Pictures from the changing seasons in Calgary

Time for a change
Kristi helps clean up my kitchen as I prepare to adjust my food & lifestyle

Kristi and I spent the day last Saturday cleaning up my basement, getting it ready to plunge back into renovation mode and get it finished, once and for all. The first task was to clean up my kitchen and get some groceries in it so I can start cooking my own food instead of eating out all the time. I ran my most recent bank account data through my financial program the other day and was a little shocked to learn that in the past three months I've spent dollars shy of $1,500 on fast food / restaurants / snacks - on top of around $800 on groceries! Turns out that I am my biggest expense! Needless to say, I've decided to tighten up the belt, tuck in the shirt and start making my own lunches for work and cooking my own suppers at night. It really is a no—brainer, the food is exponentialy cheaper this way and far healthier to boot! It's a win—win situation.

It takes a very special woman to tackle years of bad eating habits and bachelorhood, but Kristi has stepped up to the task and she's been scoring some good hits. I love that woman.

October 11, 2008 - 1:58 PM

A Day For Giving Thanks
Wet Tiles show the ultimate reason to give thanks

In this day and age when we seem to have so much, it's easier than ever before to take what we have for granted. It seems odd to me, both that we have only one weekend of the year dedicated to expressing gratitude, and that we need one to remind us. None the less, I'm thankful we do.

I'm waiting for Kristi to pick me up, and then we're going over to her brother's place to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner with her entire family there. Sunday will undoubtedly be occupied, at least in part, by some wonderfully relaxing triptophan-induced nap time, and then Kristi, the girls and I will be spending Monday afternoon with my extended family, who — save for one or two exceptions, shall be together in it's entirety for the first time in years! Although Kristi has met many members of my family, it was in an entirely different context! Should be interesting... though I am quite optimistic.

Happy Birthday Kristin!
(Who's celebrating her big 21 in Las Vegas!)
Kristin and her parents, Barb and Ed, are having a birthday party of a [once in a lifetime] fashion for her - celebrating her 21st birthday in Las Vegas. Finally old enough to participate in all that Vegas has to offer, I'm sure the three of them will return with a plentiful basket of stories.

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