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Journal Entries for February 2003
February 8, 2003
Looking down at Al working on a sign in Red Deer

I just got back from a week in Red Deer, working at various stores up there. In the picture you can see Al working on some neon inside a Petro Canada maple leaf sign. Leaving My Mark on the gas canopy above the Petro Canada in Red Deer (If you know Red Deer, it's the one along Gasoline Alley, the only leaf sign on the gas canopy.) Anybody more than 18 feet tall will be able to see that I wrote my name in huge letters in the snow on the roof of the canopy... Just one of those little things I like to do to say I was there... Fortunately for us, it seems we just missed the snow. The forcast for this whole weekend is scattered flurries throughout. We still have to go back up there sometime, but it may not be for another week. Hopefully by then the hot tub at the hotel we stay at will be fixed, as it was fairly cold swimming in the pool without a hot tub to jump into after...

When I got home last night, however, the fatigue of the week caught up with me, especially after the drive back to Calgary. That truck is one big bump after another, it was obviously built to be useful, not comfortable. I was supposed to go out with Bo and his brother last night for Name That Tune, but before he called I thought I'de just lie down for half an hour. I woke up at 8:00 this morning. Oops, eh? hehehe I guess I was a little more tired than I thought. But another weekend is under way. Much to do!

February 25, 2003
Car upside down on the
side of Crowchild Trail

While heading out to a job yesterday we happened upon this accident scene, where this vehicle came to rest upside down on the road, and it's driver lay on a stretcher mere meters away, awaiting transport to the hospital in an ambulance. It really makes you wonder, what kind of events lead up to the overturnation of a moving motor vehicle, such that it comes to rest after knocking over a pole and is almost certainly a writeoff. The only thing that comes to mind: Somebody wasn't paying attention.

You may have noticed this server was down over part of the weekend and yesterday... I appologize for that, I was rebuilding my gateway computer, updating it to the current versions of the various programs it uses as well as modifying the hardware somewhat. In the process I lost my DNS entries, which for some reason reverted back to my ISP's dns server, which knows nothing about this web site or any of the addresses associated with it. Consequently, it takes several hours for the correct information, once changed, to filter down through all the DNS servers throughout the world, and that brings us to where we are now: Back online. The web server itself was untouched, in fact it hasn't even been rebooted in 45 days. But if you do happen to come across a problem with something on the site, let me know and I'll do my best to fix it quickly. Just a note, for those of you who have your web pages on this site, I haven't got the FTP server set up just yet, so you will probably have to wait till tomorrow evening to update your web pages. I'm terribly sorry about this, but these things take time and I have so little!
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