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Journal Entries for November 2002

John in front of Treasure Island - Las Vegas, NV

It's late monday night, early tuesday morning, and I've just got back from a weekend in Las Vegas. All but one of the other service guys at work, Pat's roommate, and I all drove down in a mini-van Friday night, spent two days on 'The Strip' and then drove back home. Needless to say, I have a lot to tell about this trip, and took over 450 pictures along the way, but before any of that will appear on this site, I need to get to bed so I can sleep before work tomorrow, and may take a few days to recover! 4,500 Kilometers in all were travelled this past long weekend, but well worth the trip. It's not easy to come home to snow and ice when I know it's still 27 degrees down there... But anyways, much more on that later. Have a good day, and thanks for stopping by.

Oh, and to whomever is signing rude things in the guestbook, (From Red Deer) it is not appreciated. Your comments have been, and will continue to be, removed from the guestbook. I doubt you are really a flaming homosexual as you claim to be in your entries, but given the maturity level needed to pretend to be such a person, I would think that your mommy and daddy ought to take away your computer.

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