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Journal Entries for November 2001
November 4, 2001

Wow, has it ever been a while since I've written in this! I have been so busy you have no idea! A lot has happened in these past several weeks, I don't even know where to begin. Probably the most stressful item in my list of few is this accident I had back in March, involving my (poor) old bike and a car, driven by an elderly gentleman who acknowledged that he didn't even know what color his light was when he drove through it. The case was pretty much open and closed, the police determined that it was 100% his fault, I was in no way to blame for the accident, and it has since been left to me to settle with his insurance company in regards to a fair settlement, taking into account my injuries, time lost from work, etc. Now it may not seem like this is terrible stressful, but here's the catch. When I first went to the chiropractor to get my back looked at, I was experiencing a consistant and irritating pain in my right hip. Presumably because I landed on that spot when I leaped off the doomed motorcycle. I had missed 7 consecutive days from work directly relating to this injury, and although the pain had subsided considerably and I was able to return to work, I was still bothered by pain there. It did not seem to be getting any better so I decided to go to a chiropractor to see what he could do for it. Origionally I had visited a Medicentre clinic the night of the accident and the doctor on duty, whom I'de never seen before, simply said to stay off it, let it heal and if it didn't get better in a few weeks, to come back. (Have to love our health care system, eh?) Well I did do that, and he gave me notes to go see a chiropractor, a massage therapist, and an accupuncturist if I wanted. Now I'de heard of all sorts of people involved in accidents make outrageous claims regarding their injuries, some of whom I know personally, and I did not want to get into all of that. I just wanted to be fixed so I could say to his insurance company, "Ok, I'm all better now, lets get this settled." To that end I opted out of the massage therapy and the accupuncturist, and went with the chiropractor. It seemed the most reasonable avenue towards a full recovery. Now as I was saying, when I went to the chiropractor, my main concern was with my hip. It hurt, and a day's work of climbing scaffold, ladders, and stairs did not make things any easier. I spoke with my boss about an altered work load, but as I suspected, there really isn't any modified work available in our line. What's happened now is that on the origional survey form that I filled out, I noted all the pains in my hip, and didn't really investigate the rest of my body for problems. At the time there was some seemingly minor pains in my neck, which I did mark down, but I had never missed a day of work over a pain in the neck so I didn't really pay much attention to it. Then as the summer went on, with me riding the bike to and from the lake almost every weekend this summer, as well as pulling kids on the Seadoo and tube -- turning my neck almost constantly to both sides, I started to notice considerably more pain in my neck. I noted this to my chiropractor, who began treating these pains in my neck. Throughout the course of the treatments, those pains in my hip have all but disappeared, and that part of me is feeling much better. But my neck has still been giving me some trouble. The problem with that though, is that when I first went for the examination, it wasn't marked as a significant issue, and has become the focus of my attention after the origional assessment. When I went to talk to my chiropractor the other day about how much of a recovery should be expected in this case, we got to discussing the case and the whole legal aspect of it, and he basically told me that I might have a problem proving that my neck pains were caused by the accident because they weren't marked as 'all that serious' on the initial examination. The other insurance company, he said, will try to 'disprove' that it was caused by the accident by bringing up any and every other injury I may have ever recieved in my life. (Which is why they wanted to know about all my scars.) Which is crazy really, the guy destroyed my bike and I was lucky to have jumped or I'de be short one leg (I guess that's almost a pun!) But anyways, I've got another survey to fill out before my second mid-treatment examination on Wednesday, so we'll see how that goes. I shouldn't really complain about my neck at all, I could be hopping around the rest of my life if I hadn't jumped. I can't even imagine what that would have been like. I'll have to scan some pictures of the bike after the accident and show (you) where the car hit it in relation to where my leg would have been and you'de see just how fortunate I was to have leaped when I did. I think the angels must have given me a little lift as I pushed off.

In other news, I finally found the Flying Circus episode that has the Brain sketch on it, if you've ever heard me or Bo do a "BRRRRAAAAIIIIINNNNN" Call, or listened to the Brain Megamix available for download elsewhere on this site, you HAVE to see this episode. I've converted it to DivX format (15 MB) and you have to see it! It will explain a LOT.

Brain Specialist Gumby In Search of a Brain Specialist

You can download it from right here.
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