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Journal Entries for May 2001
May 22, 2001
Aint this the truth!

I have a new set of pictures to put up once I get a scanner (or the use of one) as mine finally bit the dust. These include pictures of my bike after the infamous accident, as well as some 'interesting bits of humour' from around our very own city. I hope to acquire a Raedeon soon and should that happen, this page could also very easily contain movie clips from various home videos we have, including the Pine Lake Tornado, and other lake activities. I got to see my old friend Raedene this weekend and there is some Seadoo footage in there as well. Hopefully she sends me copies of her pictures sometime so I can add them to the site as well since my camera did not have any film and I was only able to take moving pictures this weekend. It was an interesting one with rain, snow, sun and wind. But I think I can safely say that we did have a good time despite the unusual conditions there. Hopefully they lift the fire ban soon though, as that definately 'rained on our parade.' (Pun fully intended.)

May 13, 2001

Here I am, nearing the end of my first weekend at Pine Lake. And a very interesting weekend it has been. I arrived here late friday night, and met some very interesting people. This couple, Don and (I think it is pronounced) Nicola are staying in a trailer behind Ed's, and so I talked with them for a good hour, if not more. Origionally from Quebec, they now live in their 30' Airstream trailer, and travel all over Canada and the United States. They're friends with Jayne or Luke's parents, although which one it is I can't remember, and have agreed to come help out with the operation of the campground this summer. I set up my tent by lantern-light, and had to laugh as I started reading the instruction sheet that came with it. It said, "Be sure to familiarize yourself with your new tent by setting it up at home. A dark campsite is no place to learn how to set up your new tent." So here I was at my dark campsite, trying to set up my new tent. But it didn't go that bad, I set it up in about an hour, and it will be quite a bit easier next time I'm sure. But I really like it, its got lots of room, its probably about the same size as Jay's tent. Probably the nicest feature of it is the awning that comes off the front, it allows some doorway shelter from rain yet is retractable on either side (or both) which is nice because I can create a sort of a wall behind my tent which gives some additional privacy. So anyways, that night I set up the tent and slept in it. Saturday morning I woke up pretty early as I recall, and snoozed for some time. Once I got up around 10 though, I walked around and found the lake mostly asleep still. It had the makings of being a gorgous day, and I was quite anxious to get the Seadoo out on the water, so I figured I could probably launch it myself. I proceeded to do just that. I backed the trailer up to the launch pad, Being my first time with a trailer, I'll admit to having some difficulty with this process, however since there was no one around to see it, I don't feel quite so embarassed and it was a learning experience. But I did manage to get it eventualy, so I unlocked the latch and pushed the Seadoo off into the water, while still hanging on to the front of it of course. I climbed aboard and it started right up. I idled it around to the beach where I parked it and then went back to get the van. It came back up out of the water without any trouble and I parked it back by the side of the road by my tent. What followed then would be the maiden voyage of the Seadoo for the summer, and it was fantastic. I allowed it plenty of time to warm up, although I highly doubt that it needed it. But she took off right away, with no problem. I even think it has more power this year but it is hard to say. The speedometer says its going a little bit slower actually, but I could swear its even faster than last year. I do also think that the RPM limiter is set to 6650 or possibly 6700 because it never gets faster than that, even though the max is supposed to be set to 7200 RPM. Which brings me back to what Jane was saying when I bought it, that they are limited during the breakin period. But I honestly don't know. I'll have to ask someone at Bow Cycle or maybe Turple Brothers. But it was great none the less. Yesterday was pretty windy which made a lot of waves out in the water but the craft handled beautifully. I can't wait till the water warms up a bit. Its around 12-15 degrees Celcius right now but during the summer last year I remember it was 23 most of the time. It still feels a little cold. So yesterday between rides I helped clear up glass from the shore where the kids play, and had a game of tag with most of the kids who are here. I must say that of all the kids who are here so far this year, Jeff has improved the most in terms of his behaviour and language especially. It was very good to see. So besides him, Kayla is here, as well as little Allison. Jeff and Brad of course... Oddly enough though, I haven't seen Shane all weekend. So I'm not too sure where he has been. No doubt it will be a lot busier up here next weekend. I can't wait for that. I'll leave straight from work on Friday and come right up here. Oddly enough, I really missed Ed's kids this weekend. But I had to laugh, because in my fire pit I found several weathered cans of Pepsi, my rope bag, and a faded but distinctive box of Fudgee-O's. Although it rained a bit this morning, I do not think it was enough to life the fire ban that is in effect for the lake. Hopefully by next weekend it will have rained enough to soak the ground so we can have fires. Ed will go crazy I'm sure if he can't have a fire. But I must end here and get out of bed because the day seem to be looking pretty decent and nature has been calling. And so begins my summer!

May 8, 2001

As of this day, there are 10 more days until the May Long Weekend starts and I am almost 100% prepared as I have been working these past several days on getting everything I need together. I've got my new tent, I bought a lantern which is always a good thing to have, and recently acquired two new tubes for the Seadoo to pull, (Or a friends' boat if such a friend should show up.) I went camping this past weekend with Bo, Dave, and Clayton out at McLean's Creek and I think it lent itself to some stories in the future. Yesterday I went out to Bragg Creek and saw Shauntelle's new house and it is incredible! Huge doesn't begin to describe it, and the scenery around is wild! I was saying to her as we stood on their covered deck, its like going camping with a gigantic house for a tent. All you can hear is the wind through the trees and a river rushing off in the distance. Then today I went to my parents to help them clear out the back so the guy can come look at putting water in for them, (They have had a well since the house was built, some 40 years ago even though its surrounded by newer houses for what has become several new communities out...) I'm not sure that made sense, but I am pretty sore and need to go have a shower so I'm trying to be brief but descriptive in this quick entry. I pulled out the Seadoo which has been resting in the back under the deck all winter, started it up and its just rearin' to go. It needs a good wash though as it got quite dusty over the winter. It started first go though, after sitting there for the winter. So I was pretty pumped about that. Tomorrow I go over to my parent's house again to get the hitch put on my van, and then Thursday Jason and I have to work late to finish the bakeries at some of the Safeways (Whitehorn and Northgate are the ones I think we are doing.) Last but not least, Friday if all goes well, I'll leave for Pine Lake right after work, bringing the Seadoo with me. There I shall stay for the whole weekend, hopefully, and can leave the Seadoo there so that the following weekend I can again go up straight from work and spend the maximum amount of my long weekend at the lake itself. Its getting exciting! But I need to go have a shower and get ready for bed so I will have to end here and hopefully write some more soon!

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