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Journal Entries for June 2001

June 3, 2001

June already. Where does the time go? It hardly seems like spring still, yet there are so many green leaves out there you'de be hard pressed to think it was anything but summer. I have a lot to cover in a relatively short period of time in this entry as I am extremely tired, however there have been some major events worth recording, so I will attempt to do so now. First off, I was at Pine Lake tonight, to drop off my Seadoo. It has been sitting at the house here for the past two weeks. Normally it stays at the lake all summer, but I was under the impression that I was going to take it to Radium for a retreat with Grace Baptist. After I had brought the Seadoo home, I found out that the retreat had been postponed due to lack of availability of participants. (Many people had to work that weekend, etc.) So here it has resided, as have I these past two weeks. I do plan on going up next weekend though, and it should prove to be an exhilirating experience. The reason I could not bring the Seadoo up with me next weekend is because I am not taking my van up. You see, this friday I will be picking up a brand new (2000 model) FTR1000FY Firestorm. You can see a picture of it here. Weather permitting, my first journey on the bike will be to Pine Lake. Needless to say I am looking forward to this prospect immensely, as not only do I love riding, but this bike will allow me to complete all the plans I had for this summer. The only drawback is that Shauntelle is not allowed on the bike, so it will mean our visits will be a little more limited, but it also means that I will be able to come visit her more often, so I'm not worried about that. Otherwise though, I can go for a lot of trips this summer and not worry about the high and increasing price of gas, and possibly even go see Raedene in Stony Plain once or twice. Not to mention this frees up my budget to go to Pine Lake and back every weekend. When I took the Seadoo up this evening, I filled up before I left for the lake and once again before I came home, and the total cost for JUST the gas I used to go there and back was $47 and change! On the bike it would be little more than $15! So you can see the substantial savings this machine will offer me. Anyhow, I really need to get to bed, its been a long day with a short sleep preceeding it.

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