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Journal Entries for October 2000

October 22, 2000

Boy, how's that for a gap? A lot has happened in the last month and a half, right now I'm trying to recover from a very busy weekend that isn't over yet. This weekend I built a PIII 733Mhz computer for a friend at work, added another incredible 4 minutes or so to my latest mix, went to look at another friends' computer only to discover that it was horribly infected with a nasty virus that several attempts could not remove, so his entire system will have to be rebuilt, which I was supposed to do tonight but he also wants a new CD burner so I'll get that tomorrow and kill both those birds with one stone. Then last night I went over to my parent's house for a bit, and was going to rebuild their computer and add a new hard drive & modem to it but the last job didn't leave me enough time to accomplish that task so I dropped off the parts and played with BJ for a while and visited with my parents before comming home and spending several hours on my own computer fixing various things and figuring out others. So its been a hectic weekend, although I did get a lot of things done. I'm doing my laundry at the moment while I wait for one last CD to copy before I set out to drop some stuff off at another friend's house, Chris. I've been so busy lately I don't know if I'm comming or going. But its good, hopefully some of this computer stuff will pay off and I can actually make some money at it. I'm so broke at the moment that its not even funny! Three weeks and I'll be caught up, but that's a long time when bills are due now. But I'm enjoying life, and its not all work, slave, and toil. Friday was Shauntelle's birthday so I went down to see her and brought her a present. It was a pleasant escape from the rest of my weekend, and she liked her gift so it worked out well. A funny thing happened with my bike the other night, I was at Woody's where I went to meet Jason and Jay, and I had been noticing that day that my bike was having a bit of a problem. Whenever I pressed in the Starter switch, it would wait half a second and then the starter would kick in. I thought it was odd, but it worked so I ignored it, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" But then when I got out of Woody's, I went to show Jason and Jay what it was doing, and started it up but as it was running I noticed a very strange sound so I shut it off, and here if the starter didn't kick in and try to start the engine! I turned the key back on and it started, but the starter would not shut off! So I turned it off, took the key out and lifted up my seat. I hit the starter relay and it went off, only now it wouldn't start at all! So I backed up, put it in 5th gear and ran it down the hill in the parking lot. Fortunately for me, it started and I rode home, where Jason met me and we took his car and went out, but for the past two days I've been having to start it with a screwdriver. It was funny, because when I was parked at George's house, I'm sure these kids thought I was stealing it! There I was, tinkering under the seat with a screwdriver, sparks flying and then it started. I rode past them and they looked at me grinning and nodding as if it was the coolest thing they've ever seen. I laughed and took off, on my 'stolen' bike. I guess that's all the stories I have for now, still so much to do. But hopefully I'll write again before Christmas...

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